Breads & Viennoiseries

Pain aux olivesPain aux céréalesPain completBaguette


All of our breads are completely natural: no butter, no eggs, no milk, no sugar, no preservatives, no additives. Whole wheat and non-wheat breads are all made with organic flour and other flours such as spelt, rye, and kamut. We also carry specialty breads, rolls and holiday specials such as pumpkin seed and cranberry breads.

  • Kalamata Olive Breads
  • Walnut breads
  • Baguettes
  • Challahs (Egg-breads)
  • Pumpernickle
  • Sunflower and Flaxseed breads
  • 100% Organic whole wheat loaves
  • Ciabatta rolls


All of our viennoiseries are made with 100% butter, made fresh daily. All muffins and scones are made with low-fat, low-sugar and some are available as wheat free.

  • Croissants (Butter, Almond)
  • Chocolatines
  • Apple turnovers
  • Muffins
  • Scones



We have a huge variety of sweets on a daily basis. We are making fresh pies all of the time and constantly coming up with fun and colourful treats to satisfy your sweet tooth.

  • Cupcakes
  • Assorted squares
  • Chocolate balls
  • Cookies (Biscotti, shortbread, assorted flavours)
  • Hamentashen
  • Made-to-order cakes
  • Sugared almonds
  • A product
  • Holiday treats
  • Pies



We don’t only specialize in the sweet stuff! We also carry an array of savory items such as quiches, tortieres, pizza, sandwiches, soups, just to name a few.

  • Chicken/Salmon pot pies
  • Tortiere (Meat and Vegetarian)
  • Quiches
  • Soups
  • Lasagna

Gluten and Dairy Free

We make a variety of gluten free and dairy free desserts that are delicious. Cakes, cookies, squares, brownies. We will try to accommodate any special dietary needs from gluten intolerances to those with allergies to egg and dairy.

  • Flourless Brownie (made with hazelnut meal)
  • Flourless Chocolate cake
  • Flourless Hazelnut Torte
  • Flourless Brownie
  • Vegan Cookies
  • Dairy free Cupcakes and Cakes (chocolate or vanilla)

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